The Top 17 Chicken Breed For Laying 250-300 Eggs A Year


Chickens are an excellent production of eggs and white meat for consumption. This species of animals are well-known since the nineteenth century where they were known to be a good source of food for the fighters in the world war. Today, chicken is not only a good source of food but also wealth in business.

To be at the top of your game in this kind of business, first, you must understand that the quality and quantity of chicken produce is equally related to the health of those chicken.Therefore.with such a background information let us have a look at the top 17 chicken breeds that lays 250-300 eggs annually.

1. Rhode Island Red

This is an American breed developed in nineteenth centuries in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It was established through a cross-breed of Malay and brown leghorn birds from Italy. Their development aimed to improve the production of chicken and to weather the environmental factors.
Color: Rhodes island red has a brown and black Color which gives it a deep red appearance.

Rhode Island Red

Egg Color: this bred produces brown colored and medium-sized eggs.
Eggs Per Year: 260-300
Temperament: The Rhodes Island red are the friendly type of chicken and more than cable in looking out for themselves. They can do well without commercial feeds because they can scavenge for themselves.
The female weighs averagely 6.5 pounce, and they start laying eggs the age of 18 to 24 weeks.

2. Leghorn

This is a typical bird that is named after a port in Italy named leghorn. Leghorns are usually used as layers all around the world. They are more productive when they are in pen and have enough water and food. However, they can be free ranged during the favorable seasons.
Bird Color: leghorns are white feathered and have large red combs
Egg Color: Leghorns are known to produce medium size and pure white eggs
Eggs Per Year: averagely 280
Temperament: leghorns are fair weather birds. They are known to be nervous and good in flight when in danger. They are not as friendly as Rhode Island Red and can be hard to tame them. They are also known to be shy.
Female leghorns weigh five pounce and lay eggs at the age of averagely 17 weeks.

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3. Golden Comet

This type of chicken breed is the most prefered choice to small scale farmers .Hence,Golden comet is mostly found in small farms. Initially, they were for the meat industry, but with their character, they are now kept for egg production. These type of birds are sex-linked .they are also known to produce more while consuming little. Golden comet can also be kept with other types of chicken because of their friendly nature.

Color: the golden comet is red-brown and possibly some white feathers and have small bodies for a standard chicken.
Egg Color: they produce medium size eggs and are brown
Temperament: golden comet are friendly with other birds and are easy to tame because they calm in nature. Their nature is best for a free-range or an open space breeding. Also consumes less and produce more.
Eggs Per Year: 250-300
The female golden comets weigh averagely five pounce and start laying eggs at 15 weeks old.

4. Buff Orpington

Buff Orpingtons origin is traced from England. This bird is known to be the most endangered species because of its nature. It has suffered the fate of extinction due to some predisposing factors. Additionally,It has a slow walking style and not able to fly well. It also has buff feathers that are heavy and hardly dries when rained on. This type of bird cannot withstand harsh weather conditions.

Bird Color: it has a thick layer of feathers that are golden brown.
Egg Color: buff Orpington chicken lay large sized eggs that are in brown Color
Temperament: they are confined in nature and are friendly to people. They also tend to be broody during the summer season that is why they are the best hatcheries. Buff Orpington is also known to be clean and do well in a tamed environment.
Eggs Per Year: averagely 180
The female Orpington weigh 6-8 pounce and start laying eggs at 22 weeks of age.

5. Ameraucana

This type of bird originates from America, and it is a rare species. It is muffed and small-bodied which makes it appear unique. It also lays different Colored eggs that are highly nutritious hence the name Easter eggs’. Some of the Ameraucanas have slanted beaks that make them different.

Bird Color: Americauna contain a variety of Colors from black to brown-red and some white feathers.
Egg Color: multi-Colored blue-green
Eggs Per Year: 180 to 250
Temperament: American is known to be interactive with its kind and broody. It also enjoys the company of people. Winter season can be a heck to americauna chicken.
Female Americauna weigh an average of 5 pounce and start laying eggs at 22 to 29 weeks old.

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6. Australorp

This breed is dated way back to 1920 where it was developed in Australia. Australorp is the best breed for laying eggs. However, if tamed it can produce less than if it is free ranged. This type of bird is cheaper and would be a good choice for a business person majoring in poultry.

Bird Color: Australorp has a black Color probably obtained from British Orpington breed.
Egg Color: this type of bird lay brown Colored eggs that are medium in size
Temperament: Australorp can withstand all weather conditions and are friendly. Moreover, they are more productive in a free-range or open space than when being penned.
Eggs Per Year: 250 to 300
Female Australorp weigh 5 to 6.5 pounce and start laying eggs at five months old.

7. New Hampshire Red

This is a well-selected breed from Rhode Island Red that is rapid in growth and can withstand all weather conditions. New Hampshire red chicken has a large body and is good brooders. They are usually good for meat because of their big body size and can compete very well with other breeds of chicken.

Bird Color: they have a lighter red Color than the Rhode Island Red breeds.
Egg Color: they known to produce mainly in size and brown eggs.
Eggs Per Year: averagely 200 eggs.
Temperament: New Hampshire red chicken are known to broody and perfect caretakers of the chicks. They are also aggressive and can do better in an open environment compared to when tamed.
The female new Hampshire red weigh 6.5 pounce and are known to start laying eggs between 18 to 22 weeks old

8. Sussex

This is a type of chicken breed that can be considered for the pot or for laying eggs. Either way, it is good at both. Like Rhode Island Red, it is dual. Sussex has a substantial body with the feathers that closely fit together giving a soft and neat appearance. This breed originated from London in 1845.
Bird Color: the most common Color is the pure white with markings of black around the neck and the tail.
Egg Color: the eggs Color has a variant of cream and white Color which is medium in size
Temperament: Sussex is a curious bird. It also has a calm nature and can do well with free range or open spaces. It is also known to be docile but friendly.
Eggs Per Year: 250 to 300
The female Sussex weighs approximately eight pounds and lay eggs 16 to 20 weeks.

9. Plymouth Rock

This type of chicken breed can be the right breed for you who is a beginner in poultry farming. It will form a good basis to start wespecially if you want to make poultry farming your primary activity.Therefore,This is one of the ancient breeds of chicken that originated from America. Plymouth Rock can quickly adapt to any environment most especially free ranging.

Color: Plymouth Rock has a dominating grey color that is intermingled with white giving it a pretty appearance.
Egg Color: they produce eggs that have a brown appearance and are medium in size
Temperament: Plymouth Rock are very friendly birds and have large bodies though not heavy which is suitable for free ranging. This breed can also give a spectacular result if panned.
Eggs Per Year: 250
Female Plymouth Rock weigh 6.5 pounce and lay eggs at 18 to 22 weeks old.

10. Ancona

This type of breeds originated from Italy and adopted the name from port Ancona. Ancona can be a perfect breed for those people who want to do free range because it can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is also a right breed for laying eggs.
Bird Color: Ancona has a grey Color that is stripped of white Color
Egg Color: they produce pure white Colored eggs that are small in size.
Temperament: Ancona is a docile bird, but when it encounters danger it is most likely to engage flight. It is also a good brooder and hardy
Female Anconas weigh 3kg and produces eggs of a minimum of 180. They start laying eggs at 18 to 22 weeks.

11. Golden Laced Wyandotte

Do you love eating chicken meat? Well, Golden laced wyandotte, is one breed that can be a good source of meat because of the built body that has a large mass of meat. It is also among the best egg breeders. This type of bird is good for free-ranging and can do very well in open space.
Golden laced Wyandotte has a beautiful golden brown feather that is stripped of black Color. They are known to produce an average of 200 egg annually which are tinted or brown. They are extroverts in nature and can do well in bad seasons. Golden laces Wyandotte lay eggs at 20 weeks, and they averagely weigh 6pounce.

12. Welsummer

As the name suggests, this breed originated from a village called Welsum in the Netherlands. This bird was developed to save the days during bad times. This breed was a result of a genetic combination of Malay and Brahma breeds.
Bird Color: the bird is covered with dark brown feathers that are combined with noticeable white and light brown Color.
Egg Color: they produce dark brown Colored eggs that are medium in size.
Temperament: welsummers are intelligent birds. They also have a calm nature and are very friendly to people and can do well in open spaces or free range.
Welsummers produce an average of 180 to 250 eggs annually, and they weigh 6 pounds. They also start laying eggs at 21 weeks.

13. Barnevelder

This breed originates from Dutch where they developed it in the twentieth century. Barnevelder is an aggressive type of bird, and if not tamed it can be hard to trace where it is Furthermore,this breed is also curious and can do well in free range.

Barnevelder is a good brooder. However, it lays eggs at the 5th month and lays 18o to 25o Eggs Per Year. It has a dominant black Color that is carefully patterned with a dark brown Color. It lays brown, medium size eggs.

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14. Lohmann Brown

This type of breed is selectively developed from other brown egg laying chicken. Lohmann brown is one of the best layers laying up to 300 Eggs Per Year. It is commonly found in South Africa.

They have a brown-orange Color with white Colored feathers around their neck and tail. They are also small in body size. Lohmann brown lay large brown eggs just as their complexion.

Female Lohmann brown start laying eggs at 20 to 24 weeks and they weigh 4.6pounce at most. Lohmann brown can do well in harsh conditions and a best productive when they are in open space.

15. Hamburg

This types of bird originated from Germany and are usually used for the agricultural exhibition because of their outstanding beauty. This type of breed is believed to be a genetic makeup of chicken and pheasants.
Hamburg is covered with white and black feathers which bring about their astonishing beauty. They lay 210 egg yearly and have an aggressive character.

16. Marans

Marans lay an average of 200 eggs annual and have a similar characteristic with Plymouth Rock. They produce vibrant deep brown eggs in Color that are medium in size. Marans do not require a lot of space to do well which can be economical to the farmer. They lay eggs at the 5th month and weigh five pounce.